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Nudist Beaches in Mallorca | Nudist Beaches in Majorca

Naturist Beaches Mallorca

The current legislation in Spain states that it is completely legal to practice nudism in public. The fact that certain beaches have been classified as nude beaches in Mallorca, does not mean that only nudists are allowed entry... in the same way as it is possible for there to be nudists in non-nudist beaches.

It is therefore up to you where and how you practice your naturism in Mallorca, if this is your intention.

There are a few official nudist beaches on the island; however nudism is practised on many beaches. Below is our guide to beaches in Mallorca which are mostly frequented by nudists.


El Mago

El Mago beach (Calvia)

The first official nudist beach in Mallorca. A small, unspoilt small cove which is 28 m long and 20 m wide, with fine golden sands and very transparent waters. It is here that the film The Magician was shot in 1967, with popular film stars such as Anthony Quinn, Michael Caine and Candice Bergen. The remains of some of the buildings used for the filming are about 100 m to the left of the beach. To get here, take the road C-719 that leaves from Palma, and just after Magaluf take a left turning that goes to Cap de Cala Figuera and Portals Vells. After passing the turning towards the residential area of Cap de Mallorca, you will see another left turning that will take you to the beach. There is an ample parking area. Services: the restaurant Bar Playa del Mago.


Caló d´en Monjo

Caló d´en Monjo (Calvia)

A small, unspoilt small beach surrounded by cliffs. It´s approximately 15 m long and 4 m wide, with pebbles and shingle. To get here, from Cala Fornells there is a track on the right that goes up in a straight line and turns to the left. It´s just a short walk. This beach is an official nudist beach; however there are very few nudists who use it.




Cala Bella Dona

Cala Bella Dona (Calvia)

A small and quiet beach which is just 30 m long and 6 m wide. The sand is white, and the sandy seabed reflects the luminosity of the Mallorcan sun, creating a vast range of blues in the water. There is vegetation surrounding the entire beach, which is unspoilt and free of buildings. To get here, follow the road C-719 from Palma de Mallorca to Andratx, and just after Magaluf take a left turning towards Portals Vells. After approximately 7 km, turn left at a sign towards the residential area of Sol de Mallorca, where Avinguda Balear leads to some steps that go down to the beach. This beach is sometimes used by nudists.


Cala Torta

Cala Torta (Arta)

One of the best unspoilt beaches on Mallorca (Majorca), is located in a remote mountainous area and is completely natural. It is 150m long and 200m wide, with abundant fine white sand. This spot has suffered from forest fires, which have only left a small area of the pine forest which once covered the entire area. To get here you have to take the Carretera d´Artà towards Capdepera, then turn left after the petrol station, and after passing the fire station you´ll come to the football ground of Ses Pesqueres. Turn right at the football ground and follow the road which leads up to the mountains and then drops down to the sea, providing an exceptional panorama of the coast with the island of Menorca on the horizon. 9 Km after leaving Artà, you´ll come to a fork - take the road on the right and continue for 1.3 km until you reach the beach. It is also possible to reach Cala Torta on foot from Cala Mitjana by following the track on the right; this takes about 15 minutes. Services: an open-air bar which serves meals. This beach is sometimes used by nudists.

Es Trenc Beach

Es Trenc beach (Campos/Es Trenc)

3000 metres long, symbolises the ecologst fight which mobilised thousands of people who did not want it to be urbanised and to preserve this unique site in its natural state.In 1984 the Parliament of the Balearic Islands declared this site as a Special Interest Natural Area. To get there the road PM-604 from Campos to Colònia de Sant Jordi must be taken. About 6 km away from Campos there is a road on the right, from which large amounts of salt can be seen, and it leads to a payment parking next to the beach. the furthest side of the beach is sometimes used by naturist bathers. Services: open-air, deckchairs and umbrellas for rent. This is an official naturist beach & the nudist section is in the middle of the beach.

Es Pregons Grans

Es Pregons Grans (Campos/Es Trenc)

An unspoilt beach which is 150 m long and 25 m wide. It has fine white sands that extend for hundreds of metres out to sea. It is only possible get here by foot, by walking south for about 15 minutes along the coast from the beach of Es Trenc. Another possibility is to walk north for a few minutes along the coast from the beach of Es Marquès in Colònia de Sant Jordi. This beach is almost 100% naturist.



Es Pregons Petits

Es Pregons Petits (Campos/Es Trenc)

An unspoilt beach which is 90 m long and 15 m wide. It is located next to its bigger sister - Es Pregons Grans. This is a technically naturist beach however is not often used as such due to the amount of seaweed on the shore and the fact that just around the corner is a much better option in Es Pregons Grans.



Son Serra de Marina Beach

Son Serra de Marina Beach

This semi-urban beach is 400 m long and 100 m wide and can become very crowded. The beach consists of thin white sand and the water conditions are best described as a moderate swell. This beach has a small nudist section. Services: restaurant, sunbeds & umbrellas.





S´Almunia (Santanyi)

To get here follow the directions to reach Es Maquer, and after having walked down the steps, turn left to get to S´Almunia. This is not a beach but a picturesque rocky platform which is used to sunbathe; it is 15 m long and 3 m wide. It is surrounded and well protected by a rocky talus, where there are some humble houses and huts built in the traditional Mallorcan style; these were used by Mallorcan fishermen to keep their boats and their fishing tackle, but nowadays they are used as holiday homes. Before going down there is a restaurant. This beach is sometimes used by nudists.


Cala Brafi

Cala Brafí (Porto Colom)

This quiet unspoilt beach is 30 m long and 45 wide. You can reach this beach on foot by walking about 2 km north from Cala Sa Nau. If you prefer to walk a shorter distance, there is a 300 m path which begins outside the residential area of Porto Colom, around the beach of Cala Marçal; at the end of this stretch of beach, towards the south there is a path that goes in between the walls. At the end of the path you have to jump over part of a traditional Majorcan wall, from which point the path deteriorates until it reaches the beach. This beach is used by nudists / naturists.


Son Real Beach

Son Real Beach (Son Serra de Marina)

An unspoilt stretch of coast with a pool at the mouth of the torrent of Son Real, with fine white sand stretching along for 500 m, with a width that varies between 20 and 70 metres. This is a beautiful spot which is easy to reach and which never gets crowded. To reach the beach it is necessary to walk for 200 metres along the coast from the pleasure port of Son Serra de Marina. This beach is sometimes used by nudists / naturists.



Coll Baix beach

Coll Baix beach (Alcúdia )

A beautiful and unspoilt isolated beach which is 250m long and 75m wide surrounded by high mountain walls. The beach itself consists of sand and shingle. To get to Coll Baix beach leave Alcudia and head towards Cap des Pinar. Before you get to the Bonaire Point you have to take the Camí de Sa Muntanya at a kind of roundabout. After about 1 km the road becomes an untarmacked track, at which point there is a hut with tables, chairs and drinking water. Going on from the hut, the path towards the beach becomes more difficult, as you have to walk downhill for 5 minutes to get to the beach. Swimming Conditions: Moderate swell. This beach is used by nudists / naturists.